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WebLearn GH is a free educational platform that provides solutions, resources and tools to help you quickly transition
and deliver quality teaching and learning online.

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About WebLearn GH

WebLearn GH is a powerful, yet simple e-Learning platform built to make online teaching and learning easy.
It is exclusive and free for Students and Teachers
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Connect to your students, in a simple and efficient way.

Built and structured with the traditional school system model in mind. Move online in a seamless manner

  • Create an account and setup Programs, Classes and Semesters.
  • Flexibility of assigning one or more Tutors to a particular course
    where these courses are linked to specific Semesters/ Terms/ Classes/ Study Groups
  • Tutors can create Course Topics and Upload Learning Materials. [Video, Audio, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel].
  • Students register on the platform and subscribe to institutions to gain access to learning content.
  • Students receive SMS/ Push notifications anytime any update is made in his/her virtual class

An institution is regarded as a Learning Channel for Students.
Students can subscribe to multiple channels to learn with them. However, the Institution has the right to accept or reject a student from joining their channel.

WebLearn GH Features

Channel Subscription

Students are not limited to only one institution. These students can subscribe to join any institution subject to approval of the institution's administrator/tutor

Live Q&A and Chat

You can ask questions and receive feedback in realtime. Students can engage other students or tutors via chat and forums

Wide Media Support

WebLearn GH supports a wide range of media files:
mp4, mp3, wav, pdf, powerpoint, word, etc.

Embedded Online Exams

WebLearn GH offers an online exams system where tutors can organise MCQ and Essay assessments

Using WebLearn GH as a Student

Flexibility and Efficiency of Learning from home is unmatched

Learning paths are structured into topics for each course. The student has unlimited access to course materials.

The student's learning experience is not affected by network issues since materials can be accessed or downloaded at any time. Ask questions at any point in time and receive feedback from teacher or other students. Students can also learn from other institutions by subscribing to their learning channels to gain access to their learning materials. However, the institution has to confirm and accept your subscription.

Monitoring of student's progress can be achieved by assessment ie.pop quizzes, MCQ, essay

Using WebLearn GH as a Solo Teacher or part of an Educational Institution

Setup your classes and organise your courses and topics. Prepare learning materials for each course and upload them for access.

Setup electronic quizzes for students to undertake after completing the learning materials.

Improve your Learning Channel to attract other students to join your channel (Solo Teachers)

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We are dedicated to helping education institution to quickly transition to online teaching and learning during this COVID-19 period and beyond
Just email us with your Instituion details - channels@weblearngh.com. Or Call us; +233 241865786, +233 54 134 1318, +233 57 406 3414, +233 24 449 4171

More Features

The Team behind WebLearn GH are constantly working to improve the platform by adding new Features

Access Content anytime

Content can be accessed via any device. We provide Web and Native Mobile apps for creating and accessing learning materials.

Optimised to Enhance Learning

WebLearn GH is designed to make learning fun for students. It gives students the power to learn in the most efficient way possible.

Made with Love

WebLearn GH remains a free e-learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private or public environment.

Easy to Setup

To join as an institution, just send instituion Name, Location, Contact Number, and Certificate to channels@weblearngh.com To join as a student, just create an account and select your institution/school from the list of institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions people ask about WebLearn GH

  • WebLearn GH remains a free e-learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private or public environment. Institutions join to create learning materials for their students. Students join to access the materials, ask questions and undertake quizzes and exams (Online)

  • Yes. WebLearn GH can be used by all instituional levels. Just create an account for your institution and encourage your students to create accounts and subscribe to your institution to have access to your classes, courses and learning materials

  • If you are an instituion or school, Just send your institution details to channels@weblearngh.com for your institution to be enlisted. However, your institution details will be verified before your account is created. Username and Passwords for the First Admin will be sent to you.
    If you want to join as a student, Just register by creating a student account. Select your institution or any instituion you intend to learn from and submit. You will receive an SMS notification when the school confirms your subscription to join their learning channel.

  • No, WebLearn GH is free for both students and schools. We run the platform based on voluntary donations.You can choose to support the platform but it is not mandatory to pay for the service.

  • WebLearn GH access is not limited to any kind of academic institutions. Private, Government and Personal academic institutions can be registered to deliver teaching and learning experience. However, Weblearn GH is exclusively for students and Academic institutions.

Our Team

Meet the smart team of young Ghanaians behind the WebLearn platform

WebLearn GH

A free online Teaching and Learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private or public environment.

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